Saturday, January 18, 2014

September 13, 2013

The happiest day of my life. So many great moments. It was a whirlwind of all these people I love, smiling and being sweet, and funny. And then it was over just like that. I was stressed for months and months while planning. The whole time I just knew that all my preparation, temporally and spiritually, would all be worthwhile to create one single day that was about whatever David and I wanted it to be.
We had so many conversations about what we wanted it to feel like. We wanted it to mean something for everyone who came, we wanted all the little logistics to be tied up so that day would be about family. We wanted to spend our time and energy talking and laughing with all the people who came from near and far to support us. We wanted to be able to focus and reflect on our sealing as much as possible. We wanted our families to look to the temple, and remember their special family relationships. Because we had so many discussions and worked together on so many details, we were able to create just what we wanted. It was a great day. 
We were sealed in the late afternoon, came out of the temple to a downpour, snapped 4 pictures, then ran inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We had a ring ceremony and exchanged our matching gold bands for the first time surrounded by all our friends and family. We sat down for dinner, and went around the room and everyone introduced themselves. It was one of my favorite things. I was laughing out loud at some things and crying at others. It was so wonderful. Then we were late to Wheeler Farm because we were the last to leave the dinner. We were just sitting by ourselves in the dining room so I could eat my dessert. 
Our reception also happened so quickly. We took some pictures, then stood and received our guests in a line. I felt so loved. Then we cut our delicious cake, ate smores, then danced the night away. I had so much fun with everyone. So many of you made it such a special day. And now you may look at pictures by the talented Fred Mendoza and Robert Emma. Fred and Robert are old pals of David's. It was so fun listening to them reminisce about all the fun times they had working construction and shooting [photos] in LA. We couldn't have had better guys for the job. 

And there are so many others to thank. The best place to start is with our parents, the Williams, all of our siblings, the Standings (OH MY GOSH they worked for this wedding), all of our friends who came and just trust me, I really really appreciated all your help and it took so many people to make my day. Even if you just showed up and smiled and said hi to me briefly. I never guessed what it would feel like to be a bride. I hope I can be there for others like so many people were there for me on that day. 

The Willy and Jan Phillips family. Love them so so much.

Coming out of the Temple

My flower girls Annabelle, Abby and Lydia. 

Exchanging rings (and Eric being grossed out by it) my big brother Eric conducted our ring ceremony and it was really sweet. And he made fun of me on my big day. My life is so hard. And my nephew Garrett was our ring "bear." I don't think he can pronounce 'bearer' so he just called himself the "ring bear" repeatedly. He took his job very seriously and for at least a couple weeks loved to discuss all the ins and outs of ring bearing with anyone who would.